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The company provides staffing solutions - contract, contract to hire & full-time Software Engineering and IT employees - to customers across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Our key differentiator is the strength of our recruiting team. We hire only the best technical recruiters and provide continuous training on technical screening strategies, advanced candidate sourcing methods, and behavioral interviewing techniques to consistently add value to our clients. Our recruiting team is equipped with powerful tools and resources that many of our competitors do not utilize.

Our team of recruiters and account managers partner with clients to provide the most qualified, reliable IT consultants in locations around the country.

Our capabilities in providing high-quality on-demand IT staffing in niche skill areas across the spectrum of information technology have resulted in hundreds of successful projects in several key areas.

We come with a strong background of having serviced clients directly and understand the sense of urgency, importance of quality, as well as the need to build a long-term relationship. IT staffing and IT Professional Placement services have been another key area of focus for Mediated Pro Systems. We have provided high-quality IT resources to our clients and have helped them with a wide variety of IT resource and IT consulting needs, including new edge.

We're passionate about helping our clients achieve their business and technology goals while making their lives easier. We strive to bring clarity to complexity, improve operations, enable cost reductions, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

We are supported by an excellent team that does research, sourcing, and qualification to support our clients on niche and new technologies perm-hiring. As someone who needs to hire skilled technical workers, it is important to remember that good candidates actually do exist, even in a tight labor market. However, finding and attracting them requires hard work.

You don’t have the time or resources to weed out these top candidates from all the others. But we do. And we're really good at it. We have an ability to see below the surface – in our recruiting, our consulting, and everything we do.

We have developed partnerships with top companies across various industries and deep relationships with IT and Non-IT consultants around the globe.

Our IT Staffing solutions consist of the following:

IT Staff Augmentation: Whether you need additional IT professionals for new projects or require support during peak or vacation times, we can swiftly provide you with experienced professionals or even an entire team that possesses the right skills, industry knowledge, and relevant experience. From business analysts to computer programmers, database managers to software engineers, technical writers to project managers, we have highly-trained and seasoned IT consultants available for both short-term and long-term assignments.

IT Professional Placement: At Mediated Pro Systems, we specialize in recruiting and hiring the right individuals to join your IT team. We understand that finding and placing candidates with the right skills at the right time is crucial for success. With our team of experienced and talented recruiters and our industry-leading process, we can provide you with the precise talent you need to drive your business forward.

Attracting Top Talent – Screening: Our applicant tracking system contains an extensive database of over 80,000 resumes from experienced IT professionals. For every candidate we engage with, we maintain comprehensive profiles that include assessments of their technical and intangible skills, references, technical test results, notes from client interviews, and our own observations from working with the candidate.

Our recruitment organization is structured with specialized teams based on specific skill sets, enabling us to effectively screen candidates in a technical capacity. We curate a roster of exceptionally talented developers, engineers, and analysts who are ready to seamlessly integrate into your team and contribute to the successful completion of your projects.

We attract candidates through referrals and networking, and our "Mediated Pro Systems BLUE AMBASSADOR" program incentivizes industry professionals to recommend top talent. Our team has honed the ability to identify top-tier performers and differentiate them from average resources.

Throughout the decision-making process, our team will collaborate with you and ensure a smooth transition from candidate selection to onboarding.

Mediated Pro Systems offers various staffing models, including staff augmentation, team services (T&M and SOW), and permanent placement. We are equipped to help you rapidly scale your team and achieve your organizational and business objectives.

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